A Personal Guide to Ports of the Channel and the Baltic

Nicholas Hill

This site represents my own opinions and you are free to disagree with them!

The coverage of various ports and harbours is not intended to be comprehensive; all the various areas covered are given as links from the drop down menu at the top. They are all places I have visited.

Although I give navigational tips and waypoints, I give you the obligatory warning that you use these at your own peril - or your own discretion.

If you have any comments, or updates on the harbours, then please do contact me.

As you can see, the site has been revamped, both cosmetically and in content. Internally, it has been revised to HTML5 and CSS3, which was a very tedious process. Most of the text has been formatted to 2 columns, which I hope will make it easier to read. In addition, if you hold the mouse over any of the photographs, you will see an enlarged version. Finally, there is more to come in terms of content.

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