Baltic Guides

Nicholas Hill

From my voyages round the Baltic, I have compiled guides to various areas. Note that this is a guide, not a pilot, and I apply the usual caveat that they should not be used for navigation!

There are no charts: I assume that anyone cruising the area will have charts. The NV-pedia website has detailed charts of all the harbours mentioned here, and you can easily download them from the webpage.

The guides are pdf files designed to be viewed on screen. Many electronic publications still cling to a layout more suited to book format.

Why have I written them? If you're cruising this part of the world, you have to be somewhat selective as to where you stop - there are so many places to chose from. What I am trying to do is to give some idea of how to get there, what the facilities are like, whether the harbour is a pleasant place to stop, whether the town or city is worth visiting.

The guides are fairly photographic intensive - charts tell you where to go and what to avoid, but they don't give any feel for what a harbour is like.

Why am I giving them away? There's simply no commercial demand in the U.K. for another pilot book of the area, even if the existing ones are getting very much out of date. Anyway, here you are:

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If you have any comments, or updates on the harbours, then please do contact me.