Prospero is an Huzar 30 built by EM Yachts of Poland.

I first heard about the Huzar 30 from a review in Practical Boat Owner, which was very complementary. I went to have a look at the boat on display at the Southampton Boat Show in September 2005, went for a test sail, and put in an order for one, asking for it to be delivered in July the next year, when I was due to retire.

One of the 'optional' extras was delivery and commissioning in the UK, which was priced at £4000. I asked how much it would be if I were to collect the boat in Gdansk, and after some scratching of heads, was quoted £1200. I opted for that, and having retired on the Saturday, took the ferry to Poland on the following Wednesday. The boat was a couple of days late, but I finally collected it a week later. I spent some time in Gdansk Bay getting the feel of the boat before starting to head west.

The boat suits my purposes almost perfectly – it is comfortable, easy to handle, and sails well. It has few vices, and its rather unconventional looks attract considerable attention. I live on board for six months of the year without any problem.

It has a tall mast and considerable sail area for the size of boat. It is a fin keel (lead) and a 20 HP Betamarine sail drive with folding prop. This picture, taken from the website of the German magazine Palstek, shows it off very clearly:

Huzar 30 yacht

The photograph shows the layout very well. The major difference between this boat on test and Prospero is that my boat has a tiller rather than a wheel. In that respect, I am distinctly old-fashioned. I much prefer a tiller to a wheel.