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The island of Ruden is at the eastern end of the Greifswalder Bodden in Germany. It has a small harbour with virtually no facilities. It was once a pilot station, which is why the harbour was built, and there is a brick tower on the southern end of the island from which the pilots would keep watch for approaching ships. This video is something of a mixture of shots taken on different visits.

The Stettiner Haff is an inland waterway in Germany close to the Polish border. You come down the Peene River to get there, and there is a lifting bridge at Zecherin. I had taken down the mainsail while waiting for the bridge to open, and it was quite a brisk day – sufficient wind to be making 5 knots on the jib alone.

This was shot on the approaches to the harbour of Klintholm in Denmark. The camera was secured to the forestay, and left in place to record the approach to the harbour, the entry and the manoeuvring to tie up. The film has been speeded up x3 to stop it going on for ever!

These two short videos were shot in the Kiel Canal. I was lucky enough to have calm weather and sunshine for the two days it took to travel the length of the canal. Some quite big ships also use the canal, and having an AIS set made life a lot easier, as I would know that they were coming before I could see them.

A short video shot in the North Sea, running downwind using the cruising chute (and apologies for the misspelling of 'cruising' in the video!).

A trip from Lymington to the Needles by ferry and bus.

Two more videos shot at sea – one above deck and one below deck. I was on passage between Klaipeda in Lithuania and Liepaja in Latvia. The wind had been a bit brisk at first, which is why there is a reef in the sail.

The island of Ruhnu is in the middle of Riga Bay, and belongs to Estonia. The small yacht harbour is relatively new.

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